Based in Islington, Aunt Gee's is a producer of fine sauces...

After popular demand, our founder, Gladys wanted to create a range of unique tasting sauces based on a traditional Ghanaian recipe. Soon she had developed a range of seafood and vegetarian sauces suitable to accompany every meal. Find out more about her story below.

“As the founder of Aunt Gee's Limited,  I wanted to invent a unique alternative to a traditional sauce which  can transcend to different cultures."  

This all started when Gladys had the opportunity to bring a dish to a regular feast with friends and family. She decided to make the traditional sauce for people to enjoy with other dishes. 

"People began to request that I bring my sauce to each feast we had, and from there a service for providing this unique sauce for family and friends was born. This paved the way for me to begin to produce this unique sauce."  

By doing this, Gladys gradually received positive feedback for her delicious sauce. 

"I enjoyed making the sauce for gatherings with family and friends, and now it represents a symbol of unity and sharing for others to enjoy." 

The feedback received was so encouraging and empowering that it prompted Gladys to find a way to create a company. 

"In order to  set up the business, I decided to inform my lovely daughter Jacqueline who was studying a degree in Business Management & Accounting at the time, about the amazing feedback I had received. We combined our knowledge and expertise in 2011 to create a pilot launch for not only friends and family but our local community. Our branding drew people in, and the quality of our sauce gave us a loyal customers base. 

With this foundation, after my daughter and I graduated in 2013, we dedicated our time to expanding the Aunt Gee's business beyond our local community. We worked tirelessly alongside other commitments because we were determined for the sauce we had created to be enjoyed by many.

In October 2014 my daughter Jacqueline and I, took our product to one of London's most well-loved markets, Chapel Street Market in Islington. Soon we had managed to get our product stocked in local Mediterranean, Caribbean and grocery stores." 

We have been able to achieve this as a result of our founders ability to create a unique-tasting product from an authentic Ghanaian recipe. A final word from our founder:

"Aunt Gee's was born from the love I have experienced in perfecting a wonderful accompaniment to any meal and now that it has touched some, I hope it will be experienced by many more .”


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